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The Benefits of Cordless Drills – Everything you want to know about

Who would’ve thought that we could eventually use some of the most powerful objects without even having to plug in? This is the first of numerous benefits of the world-renowned cordless drills. You can take all that drilling power anywhere you go if the battery is well charged, which is a miracle in itself.

At first, this idea wasn’t so popular, because every drill needed a cord for proper usefulness, but this is now a thing of the past. The latest cordless drills boast such cutting-edge technology that their corded counterparts are going out of fashion.

A load of research and development was put into the production of cordless drills, eventually resulting in complete flexibility and the ability to drill without any electricity nearby. With a cordless drill, you can undertake complex construction work anywhere on the planet, if the battery is charged.

Although this battery technology may put them on the high priced marketplace, most customers still decide to opt for this drill variant once all the benefits are weighed against the cost. The advanced features that make the main selling point of best cordless drills are numerous, and thus that much more convenient to afford.

There are not many instances in which cordless drills haven’t yet caught up, so we’ve decided to provide you with a few reasons why cordless drills are the optimal choice.

The Various Features and Benefits of Cordless Drills

Ultimate Convenience and Safety

With cordless drills, you can forget dragging along twenty or thirty feet of electronic cable across the floor of a building site, along with all the potential danger and confusion that such cables represent. A cordless drill presents a particular advantage for outdoor work, which allows for areas remote from electricity to be easily accessed and worked in.

Areas those are tricky to reach, such as space inside cupboards, under sinks, up ladders, or any other working at height situation, can be made much easier and safer to reach in the absence of a cable.

It’s not an uncommon occurrence for a cable to get tangled with literally anything, which shouldn’t be on anybody’s mind while construction is in progress.

Another extremely convenient fact is the built-in LED work light, which enables for a hassle-free drilling experience when accessing poorly illuminated sections. This addition greatly reduces the amount of bulky equipment needed for any drilling task to get done.

No more side-lighting that reduces workspace nor an extra hand to hold a flashlight, thanks to this nifty upgrade.

Optimised Battery Life

Some of the newer cordless drills available on the market encompass the state-of-the-art battery technology that is used to power the latest smartphones. The cordless drill batteries are slowly becoming a standard boast an extremely high charge capacity, resulting in very long battery life.

These batteries have also been developed with customer convenience in mind, meaning that they are quite lightweight, unlike their predecessors. Although lithium battery powered cordless drills may be considerably pricey, it is a purchase more than worth considering.

Another benefit of this innovative technology is the spare battery pack addition, meaning your cordless drill can last for days on end without any need for recharging. You will get one extra battery pack per cordless drill purchase, but you can always buy extra and further extend your drill’s battery life if needed.

Perfected Drilling Experience

The third and most important main virtue of cordless drills is their modern adjustability and unmatched power. First of all, the hammer action upgrade is something rarely any corded drill comes with.

This pulsing mechanism technology allows for over a thousand additional strikes per minute, which substantially increases the momentum and drilling power. Thanks to this innovation, every cordless drill equipped with the right tip can now penetrate even the toughest materials with minimal effort.

The latest gear additions make cordless drills just as versatile as corded ones, with extra operating modes that allow for slower or faster spinning. This means that you can turn your cordless drills into a high-powered screwdriver if needed, while you can also go max speed and drill through concrete.

Keep in mind that cheap cordless drills have only one gear and are mostly not recommended for professional construction work.

The amount of versatility added to the latest cordless drills, in the form of various adjustable tips that can take care of nearly any screwing or drilling task makes this product even greater. Certain higher specification models can be equipped with tips that allow drilling into the hardest surfaces, such as masonry, metal, and concrete.

Thanks to the already mentioned battery technology, cordless drills now deliver significantly more power with a much higher duration span, reducing the user’s effort to a minimum while maximising efficiency. These power ratings span from 7.2V, which is more than enough for placing and removing any type of screw, to 24V, which is the average power of a corded drill.

All in all, it’s not necessary to dish out too much cash if you’re not planning on professionally using your cordless drill. Decide on what exactly you need, find a cordless drill that meets your requirements, and forget about outlets while drilling, forever!


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