Anyone who ever did frequent work with cordless drills knows the pain of working in a very poorly lit environment and having to be creative with lighting. At a bargain price, Ryobi provides you one of the best cordless drill model in recent years, all while boasting a strong LED light that doesn’t put strain on the battery at all.

Because handymen and pretty much every drill worker have problems with losing screws and small parts, the P208 is revolutionary because it also possesses a magnetic tray holder that can house all the important small pieces that often tend to get lost. Although it might not seem like something all that amazing, trust us. We found the time saved for not having search for pieces lifesaving. This not only makes the Ryobi Cordless Drill P208 one of the best cordless drills, but also one of the most underrated ones.

The clutch has 24 positions and the gearbox has two-speed setting, which pretty much allows you to do just about any type of drilling and driving, something other competing cordless drills don’t have. Not adding a charger and a battery is a big minus at first, but this just allows you to be free to customise the drill however you like.

Ryobi P208 18 Volt 1/2" Lithium Drill/driver

Things you will like most

  • Light 3-pound (1.36kgs) frame
  • Excellent combination of price and power
  • Powerful motor
  • Versatile