Hitachi followed the example of Milwaukee, making a smart decision to involve a reasonable price in the list of pros for their devices.  As many carpenters are often being put off by unreasonable prices when it comes to cordless drills, this is a refreshing innovation on the market.

The DS18DVF3M boasts a formidable 400 lbs of torque and a special, strengthened build that puts it amongst the best cordless drills, especially when it comes to working on harder and more resilient surfaces. That, combined with state of the art batteries, allows both stable and lengthy work, which is something that the majority of cordless drills nowadays lacks.

Work without worrying about it overheating and breaking apart, as it is the case with most products, even amongst the best cordless drill manufacturers. Last but not least, the package is equipped with a short but helpful manual, along with 5 additional heads for different types of drilling. Hitachi have always prided themselves on their versatile models, and the Hitachi cordless drill DS18DVF3M is merely a continuation of their multi-decade long tradition.

Hitachi DS18DVF3M18V Cordless NiCd Post Style Driver Drill

Things you will like most:

  • A firm handle with minimal slipping
  • Built-in coolers that prevent the motor from overheating
  • Only 4.4 pounds (2 kgs) in weight
  • A five-year warranty