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Corded vs. Cordless Drills Comparison – How to select the best

As electric drill requirements keep rising on the world-wide market, most consumers tend to ask themselves whether they need a corded or a cordless drill before making the purchase. The dilemma is great without a doubt, since both types come with certain amounts of utility and disadvantage, but it’s easier to decide once you know exactly what you need.

This problem mostly occurs because the potential customers haven’t done their research properly, resulting in a lack of knowledge when it comes to either type.

We have decided to aid those who find this decision too hard to make, by weighing one type against the other based on the main factors and selling points of any electric drill.

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Types of Drills

Before the actual comparison, it is important that we inform you of the various drill types common to either category. There are a total of five: standard drills, impact drills, hammer drills, rotary hammer drills and right angle drills. All of these types of power drills are available in both corded and cordless models, so you should first decide which type you need before you compare corded to cordless ones.

Standard Drill

Standard drills are shaped like large pistols, with the drill bit at the end and a trigger on the handle that powers it. This is the most common type of drill and it can be used in the widest possible variety of situations. Standard drills are convenient for both hole drilling and screw-driving. Those in need of these basic services should opt for a standard drill.

Impact Drill

Corded and cordless impact drills have a somewhat stubbier look when compared to all the other types. They have a handle, but the drilling body is relatively short. Impact drills also come without a chuck, which represents the piece that turns the bit on standard drills. In its place, they contain vise grips that hold the drill bit in place, which gives them greater control and torque than that of standard drills.

Hammer Drill

A corded or cordless hammer drill greatly resembles a standard drill, by virtue of having the exact same pistol-shape. However, the hammer drill also has the added function of driving the drill tip like a hammer. In addition to regular torque-based drilling, the clutch rapidly pulls the drill bit slightly backwards and then pushes it forward in order to create a quick and powerful hammering effect. This sort of mechanism is useful for masonry that requires drilling into very solid surfaces such as stone and concrete.

Rotary Hammer Drill

This subtype of the hammer drill offers the same hammering action, but uses a piston in place of a clutch in order to drive the tip back and forth while rotating it. This rotation technique makes the hammering even more powerful, which allows the users to drill holes in solid surfaces even quicker.

Right Angle Drill

This drill type functions almost exactly like the standard one, except that it has an extremely short body, with the handle almost right underneath the drill bit. These drills are designed in order to operate in very tight spaces that standard drills can’t fit into, such as cabinets and cupboards.eigh-In – Corded Drill or the Cordless Drill

Although the same drill types exist in both the corded and cordless categories, there are certain differences between them when it comes to the main features. We’ve split these differences into the most relevant categories in order to simplify the explanation procedure.

Power Supply

While the corded type has constant electricity and allows for optimal performance, its power supply is compatible with only one tool. On the other hand, cordless drills allow for sharing of the power supply across multiple cordless tools The cordless drills have powerful batteries and when optimally charged, they last for a long period of time and are as good as the corded drills to finish off a particular task a workman is at.


Cordless drills take the undisputed win when it comes to this category, since they can operate literally anywhere, without any need for a cord or a nearby power supply. Consequently, the corded drill requires a constant influx of electricity, and is therefore restricted to operating near a source of power.


Since the corded drill maintains a greater flow of electricity, it offers optimal torque, meaning it is more powerful than the corded one. Naturally, the limited power supply of the cordless drill gives it less torque, which slightly decreases its power. There are, however, cordless rotary hammer drills with just enough torque to match the corded version. Also with advancement in technology, cordless drills now have powerful batteries and there are some latest cordless drills in the market which almost match the efficiency of the corded drills.


As much as this may be insignificant for a seasoned drill user, most infrequent users tend to experience discomfort after a period of use, which results in reduced drilling time. While the corded variant is known for its considerable weight, the cordless version was made with this particular flaw in mind, and thus has greatly lowered weight and is a favourite with technical workers.e Latest Cordless Drills – The Better Choice

At the end of the day, it’s correct to claim that cordless drill type is the winner. Corded drills excel somewhat when it comes to heavy and extensive drilling, while cordless drills are perfect for drilling in confined and nearly unreachable spaces. To top it off, the strain-free drilling experience and long-lasting battery makes the cordless batteries the ideal power tool in today’s times. It’s safe to say that that corded drills will go out of fashion in a few years time, including the final cessation of their production. The future is cordless, and the market popularity makes it evident.


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